Info Glendem Trusted information media Mon, 03 Sep 2018 04:04:39 +0000 id-ID hourly 1 Ethereum Limited – A decentralized platform on data security for smart contract users Mon, 03 Sep 2018 04:04:39 +0000 Ethereum Limited – A decentralized platform on data security for smart contract users from blockade E | Ethereum Limited is a hierarchical platform that runs smart contracts, running applications exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third-party interference.

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Ethereum Limited is a smart contract creation platform. We noticed that not everyone has the ability to write a smart contract since it requires some level of programming skills so we decided to make it easier for everyone to create a smart contract.

Ethereum Limited is a smart contract creation platform. We noticed that not everyone has the ability to write smart contracts because it requires some level of programming skills so we decided to make it easier for everyone to create a contract savvy.
By taking advantage of the decentralized nature of the Ethereum blockchain, Ethereum Limited do not have to worry about the security of user data.

Since the creation of the Ethereum limited ecosystem, people require smart contracts will be flocking to Ethereum network-making it more successful. Lower transaction costs, quick turnaround, and the certainty of automation are some of the benefits we offer.

Features, profit characteristics of Ethereum Limited?

– Ethereum Limited is a very limited token located in the Ethereum blockchain. This is the token generated from the need; Do not interfere with external distractions and tamper with transactions.
– Ethereum Limited is a platform built on the current Ethereum platform vulnerability and gives users a modified version of Blockchain – with many features.
– Ethlimited allows users to run smart contracts as easily as repeating the alphabets. This eliminates the need for third party parasites.

In doing this, it brings more value to its users, much larger than Ether. It is also very limited and subject to supply and demand, which agree that the provision of electronic funds as little as each coin is appreciated.

– To ensure that Ethereum Limited’s value exceeds Ethereum’s value, it only has a maximum supply of $ 10 million while Ethereum has a maximum supply of approximately $ 100 million.
In a simple mathematical term, this means that 1 Ethereum Limited is worth 10 times more than an Ethereum. Ethereum Limited targets Ethere um before 2019.

– Last Trading: We believe that the core value proposition of any blockchain is invariant; A valid transaction can never be deleted or deleted; it can be accessed by anyone at any time.

– Decentralized management : When something is decentralized, there is no centralized body determining what happens or not, and it does not reside in a single location. Since Ethlimited is distracted, it naturally inherits all the advantages of the hierarchy that its users like

– Private Inlucation : How do I ensure my privacy on Ethlimited?
With Ethlimited, privacy rights are guaranteed because transactional information does not have to flow into a single point, they can use a lot of points to accomplish it. With Ethereal, privacy is guaranteed because it is difficult to track information across the network.

– Ease of Use : the foundation makes smart contracts with our user-friendly. Thousands of templates ready to be selected will be available for customization.

– Minimum cost: Using our Intelligent contract templates and platforms will not jeopardize your budget. You will spend less than one cup of coffee.
– Market: Can not find smart contract form that is not tailored to your needs? Need a custom template, but you can not do it yourself? Employing different platform users through our market.

– Flexible: We will accept Ethlimited, Ethereum, and Bitcoin as payment for use of our platform. We can add some electronic money in the future.

The ETHL Project is:

– Blockchain Technology
– Advanced Security System
– Multicurrency Coins
– Fiat & Crypto Acceptance
– Internal Wallet Security
– No contract fee

Contract Sign :
Supply: 10,000,000
Token: ETHL
Platform: Ethereum
Standard: ERC20 Preico
Price: 1 ETHL = 0.5 $ Total Sale 1,000,000
ICO Price: 1 ETHL = $ -1.50 $ Total sale of 5,000,000


3 4 5 6

– April: Project Started
– June – August: Conceptualization and Planning
– October – November: Research
– December: Development

– January: Blockchain Beta Test
– February: Implementation and Deployment
– March: System Analysis
– April: Bug Fixing
– May: Penetration Test & Security Debugging
– June: Airdrop
– July: PRE-ICO
– August: ICO Crowdsale
– October: CoinMarketCap Listed
– December: Wallet Release

– February: Additional External Exchanges
– September: 1 ETHL = 1 ETH

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Blockkonnect – Connecting the Power of Blockchain and Technology Wed, 22 Aug 2018 12:11:53 +0000 Blockkonnect – Connecting the Power of Blockchain and Technology | Blockkonnect is the world’s first blockchain technology and social networking platform that connects people related to crypto and unites them under one roof. Blockkonnect is the first ultimate solution that gives you the many features you want on a single platform. You will find people with the same interests as yours, such as blockchain and cryptocurrency technology.

Blockkonnect provides you a golden opportunity to monetize your own posts and comments to turn your passion into money, similar to something like AdSense in YouTube. We have a strong belief that we will remain top in this sector forever, as our concept is unique. No other social platform provides you such an easy way for monetization.

How does it Work
Blockkonnect provides a platform which allows each individuals and corporates to create a topics, comment on posts, participate in polls, offical announcements, etc. It connects people from all over the world by its following features.

  • Social Wall
    In social wall,members can view the profile of each others and follow them, connect them, see one anothers connections and activities.
  • Forums
    Forum is for discussing topics, Ideas, contents related to blockchain, technology to solve the problems of users and to take opinions of every users to make anything better in blockchain and technological fields.


Affiliate Program
Blockkonnect offering an opportunity where everyone can be a part of its advertising campaign where blockkonnect​ is putting its 4% coins in advertising In which each individuals and corporates will be rewarded for it in the following manner.

Help us to expand our business refer your friends, you will get 10% affiliate each time your referral buy Blockkonnect (XBT).

We also offer members to earn free Blockkonnect tokens by bounty campaigns where members will have to post our advertising template messages on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube..etc

Banner Advertising
1% of Blockkonnect tokens will be paid for advertising via banner by corporate websites.

Our Speciality
We provide you a Social Platform which Connects,Fuels and Rewards Users. An ecosystem that is designed to make online discussion platform easy,seamless and rewarding to both business Owners and Users. It gives an opportunity to Blockchain and cryptocurrency lovers to connect and discuss each other and answer each other’s questions.

Connecting Blockchain and Crypto Market Lovers

Usually crypto lovers used to post Contents,Signals,News,etc., in different social media platforms.Hence Blockkonnect provides all these features in a single platform.

Tip Anyone

Blockkonnect is the only platform till date where members can tip each other on good posts and keep themselves motivated.

Make Follower and Money

Blockkonnect forums also provides bounty programs for top followers,users who post contents etc., Users can keep posting in forums to increase your followers and earn.More the followers you have more chances of earning.

Follow Blockchain Related Companies

Blockkonnect provides platform of forums where Blockchain related companies,Cryptocurrency related companies,Crypto developers, they can create their profiles here and users can follow them and see all the updates and post from those profile, users can provide solutions and also tip Blockkonnect token each other as a reward.

Tech News Portal

Blockkonnect platforms provide users,news portals where they get the information updates related to crypto and blockchain technology.Even users can make a profile and share news related to crypto and blockchain.

Token and Funds Allocation

Technical Specifications
ICO Start in : 20 August 2018
Transaction Code : XBT
Platform : ETHEREUM ERC-20
Max Supply : 200,000,000 XBT
Soft Cap : $ 750,000
Hard Cap : $ 900,000
ICO starting Price : $0.015 per XBT
Estimated Target Price After ICO : $1 per XBT
ICO Timings : 20-Aug-18 To 17-Oct-18


Our Team

The Blockkonnect team is made up of knowledgeable experts who are passionate about bringing local businesses the attention they need on a social platform that rewards users for engagement.

ICO Ratings

Blockkonnect in the Press and Media

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Gosama Is Integrating Blockchain With Ominchannel To Improve Business Enterprise Thu, 16 Aug 2018 06:48:18 +0000 Gosama Is Integrating Blockchain With Ominchannel To Improve Business Enterprise | Gosama is a platform structured to revolutionalize the sales management of retail chain by redefining the O2O (Offline to Online) sales process and identifying the ways companies build and manage their relationship with their customers. On the other hand Gosama creates effective business-to-customers communication channels through loyalty system, direct marketing and omnichannel sales on the platform/ecosystem. Gosama is the answer to this present day retail business prayers. It adhere to Blockcahin technology, 100% cloud based, B2B SaaS platform based on recent technologies, and NodeJS, AngularJS and NoSQL Databases such as MongoDB and Elasticsearch.


Over the years, traditional Retail businesses have been faced with a lot of challenges in managing their businesses such as

  • inability to manage large quantity of goods thereby incurring loss and confusion.
  • difficulty in keeping records of both imported and exported goods and time wastage.
  • Inability to manage employees mostly in chain model businesses
  • Lack of management system for promotions and marketing
  • Expansion of offer channels, merchandise information, clients information and charging isn’t well synchronised because of utilisation of numerous third party products.
    All these and many more compiled together has been a hitch and drawback to many business enterprises.
    To curb these challenges and improve businesses ans sales, Gosama was established

With the advancement of Technology development, Gosama has introduced new innovation blockchain to Omnichannels in other to increase Sales and improve business enterprises.

gosama body name.jpg
Gosama foundly known as Omnichannel that makes cryptocurrency spendable is a 100% cloud based platform that is Omnichannel integrated enabling high scalability and flexibility of business enterprises. The platform also improves interaction between business-to-consumers through royalty system, direct marketing and Omnichannel across the platform. Gosama is a B2B platform that uses the latest modern technology such as NodeJS, AngularJS and NoSQL Databases such as MongoDB and Elasticsearch to increase high adaptability and flexibility.

Features of Gosama platform

gosama system.jpg
The use of blockchain has been verified to have numerous advantages to businesses which includes
1- Security of clients information
2- Reduced errors and loss of important informations
3- Introduction of Gosama token and Gosama wallet
4- Big data analytics
The pictorial representation below shows a general view of Gosama system

Token Details

gosama t1.jpg
– The Gosama token is an utility token which is utilized to do exchanges on the stage and furthermore a reward technique to clients.
– Stage installment cash – utilized by ventures as an installment for administrations on Gosama stage and Pay-as-you-go.
– Prizes and dedication token – used to compensate purchasers for their consideration, shopping, faithfulness, corporate marking and their own information discharging.
– Showcasing token – used to pay promoting charges (remunerate) specifically to shoppers who are seeing advertising advertisements of the business.
– Cryptographic money – a decentralized advanced cash that is encoded, balanced out and exchanged between peers.
– Token to be distributed and appropriated 200,000,000,000
– ICO token Allocated for appropriation 100,000,000,000
– Token Price => 1 Token to USD $0,0001

Challenges of Traditional Retails Business

– They own large quantities of goods making management of it difficult. If there is no reasonable plan confusion and sale loss are inevitable.
– It is very time-consuming and difficult for shop owners to control all the records of imported and exported goods, to create bills for the customers and deal with orders.
– The management of employees is bringing some difficulties, especially for chain model businesses.
– Promotion and marketing campaigns for the whole chain are difficult without good management system. It is easy to make mistakes and lose customers trust for the brand.
– Expansion of sale channels, goods data, customer’s data and billing is not well synchronized due to use of many third parties products.
– The above challenges are what Gosama envisage to resolve and bring convenient and better profit margin to the business owners through its advanced technological tools.


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Westland Storage Is An Amazing Project That Combines Real Estate Investments With Cryptocurrency Tue, 07 Aug 2018 15:18:23 +0000 Westland Storage Is An Amazing Project That Combines Real Estate Investments With Cryptocurrency | Westland Storage is an amazing project that combines real estate investments with cryptocurrency, allowing any user to become a share holder of real estate and start earning profit! They also currently have a bounty program running that allows you to earn without investing! Complete tasks and get tokens, which generate daily profit for you! Currently, these include facebook tasks, twitter tasks and inviting friends.

Image may contain: text


– Become a share holder of real estate and start earning profit
– They guarantee 100% investments return in any time
– Clients are given the opportunity to invest in real estate with a low entry threshold of only $10
– Start earning for free by doing facebook & twitter tasks for free tokens
– The company claims to eliminate present risks in the real estate market, assuming all duties and responsibilities







The investor transfers funds to WLS Company. They acquire real estate and rent it out, then they pay part of the profit in the form of daily dividends, amounting to 1% of the investment. It‘s possible to become an investor in real estate and get passive lifelong income. You can start in just a few clicks. Invest today and start receiving profit tomorrow. They guarantee 100% investments return in any time & Daily profit withdrawal is available. The company invests in real estate in the most economically attractive regions of the world: northen and southern America, western Europe, Asia and the countries of the Pacific Ocean. This allows to diversify investments and minimize the risks of customers.

DiceLand technology allows to equate 1 square foot of real estate to $1. In this way, the company’s customers can decide for themselves how many square feet they want to purchase. DiceLand Technology is a Blockchain-based technology created by the specialists of WestLand Storage, which allows to decentralize the real estate market and making possible the tokenization of any real estate.Thanks to DiceLand technology, the company’s clients are given the opportunity to invest in real estate with a low entry threshold of only $10. DiceLand technology is currently running on the private blockchain-system HyperLedger. And after the ICO, they will choose another working environment of the public blockchain. To bring DiceLand technology to the world level, extensive expansion of the company and attraction of investments are required. After achieving the necessary level of development, the company will conduct an ICO and show the world the final version of DiceLand.

The company claims to eliminate present risks in the real estate market, assuming all duties and responsibilities. Accepting the offer agreement, you conclude a contract with our company. They give a 100% guarantee of daily profit for lifetime.

WLS Insurance Fund®

wls-fund logo
The investment strategy of WLS allows you to create an insurance fund. This fund serves as a guarantee of safety for investors’ funds and further constant growth of the company, and accordingly, clients receive profit for lifetime.

Our company offers customers to get rid of present risks in the real estate market, assuming all duties and responsibilities.

We give a 100% guarantee of daily profit for lifetime. All agreements, rights and obligations of the parties are registered in the public offer, concluded at the sign up. You can see all available documents right now.

Signup For WestLand Storage & Bounty Right Now Free! Earn 100$
Click Here To Invest In Westland Storage!

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Boldman Capital – Decentralized Investment Fund Sun, 22 Jul 2018 13:48:00 +0000 Boldman Capital – Decentralized Investment FundThe investment fund of the people. We invest in unique Blockchain solutions and sharing the profit with token holders. Boldman (BOLD) token investors are getting Ethereum (ETH) to their wallets as dividends at the start of every month.


In conventional markets, privileged people with high capital, already making huge amounts of money with investment funds but in a new economy model like crypto currencies, the difference between having high or low capital is nearly gone. Promises of the projects in crypto space can take longer time than expected and because of that investor’s opportunity costs keeps rising and are open to the risk of taking severe losses. Investing in Boldman Capital equals to investing in projects with high reward and potential. We are offering you the advantage of having time to care your loved ones and fulfill yourself. It doesn’t matter how much capital you have; you have the freedom to dream.

Investors are buying Ethereum tokens to increase their initial investment. That is why Boldman shareholders are earning monthly dividends as Ether (ETH) to their Ethereum wallets. If you have BOLD tokens in your Ethereum wallet, you are eligible to earn Ether every month. We developed a software that detects holders of the BOLD token and shares the profit of our investments. These airdrops will commence on the first day of the month at the 01:00 UTC/GMT. In traditional markets, asset managing funds share the dividends with their investor quarterly or annually.

Crypto market is much more active than conventional markets. In this situation, as Boldman Capital, sharing the dividends with our shareholders in quarterly or annually would be highly unfair. That said, sharing the profit of Boldman Capital investment as monthly is much fairer. It is indeed unfair to determine a fixed rate of profits to share with our token holders in a highly volatile market. Profitability will change month by month, and it will be much higher in a stable or uptrend market. For the safety of shareholders and to reach maximum profitability even in downtrend market, diversification of Boldman’s portfolio is remarkably high, and the team of analysts is always keeping ahead of the market. Boldman shareholders are also known as token-holders, have the freedom to sell their tokens anytime they want.

No minimum investment requirements
Global investment funds require a substantially high capital to be a part of it. We don’t limit our investors; everybody has a right to be a part of a highly profitable investment fund.

Offering the highest form of Freedom
Global investment funds will lock your investment and won’t let you withdraw without waiting at least 1 year. Boldman Capital investors can sell or transfer their BOLD tokens anytime they want.

Focused on new Blockchain solutions
We are choosing our investments diligently and focused on projects that are going to change the cryptocurrencies market. You don’t need to spend your time to find the perfect project; we are already doing that for you.

%50 Bonus for a short time.
Hard cap: 5890 ETH
Maximum Supply: BOLD
Unsold tokens will be burned.
Team’s Share: %30 of total supply after ICO.
ICO: 700.000.000 BOLD
Boldman Capital will spend own tokens to list Boldman (BOLD) in Binance and OKEX.
%50 bonus on purchases until 100 Million BOLD tokens sold.
ICO Start Date: 19 June 2018
ICO End Date: 31 October 2018


Boldman (BOLD) Features
ICO Contract:
Token Contract:
1 BOLD = 0.00001 ETH (0.005 USD)
Total and Maximum Supply: (1 Billion)
Boldman’s Share: 300.000.000 (300 Million)
Public Offering: 700.000.000 (700 Million)
First Ether Dividends: August 1 at 01:00 UTC/GMT

Boldman Capital started the token sale — 19 June 2018
Airdrop of the first Ethereum (ETH) dividends — 1 August 2018
Mobile wallet app for our investors to track their BOLD tokens and Ethereum profits — Q4 2018
BOLD tokens will be listed in popular exchanges — Q1 2019
Title of “The most profitable investment fund” — Q2 2019
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