Lancer Network A decentralized freelance site for advertising and promotion of crowdsale

Lancer Network A decentralized freelance site for advertising and promotion of crowdsale | Lancer Network is a decentralized liberalization website to advertise and market crowdsale and blockchain projects. People who are interested in making money online and want services for SMM and.

Lancer Network is a decentralized freelance site for advertising and promotion of crowd-sale and blockchain projects. People interested in earning crypto currencies and businessmen who are willing to pay for SMM and marketing services.

Advantages of Lancer Network
Lancer Network gives advantages to both the business ventures (Customers) and also the clients (Task entertainers). The clients should focus on the accompanying invaluable and unmistakable highlights of this stage:

Multi currency acceptance
The platform assumes flexibility of payments. Earn and pay for actions in currency you want – BTC, ETH, BCH, LNW.

One task – many actions
Our format opens different way of seeing freelance work. There are a lot of tasks. You can choose the best or take all of them.

Minimal fees with tokens
Pay every operation with tokens, earin tokens and your fees would be minimal.

Hire only good-rated workers
The rating system allows to eliminate the problem of deception on both sides. You can set your filters with better rate.

Why Lancer is the BEST?

  • Using bots kills the confidence of your campaign
  • Lancer Network will appeal to real users of ICO who will participate in community life. Real advertising and SMM from real users
  • Earnings in the blockade industry without any investment
  • The website is comfortable to find the type of qualification to perform
  • Solutions non-standard tasks promotion of crowdsdale and projects

Basic Principles of Lancer Network
Lancer Network is a dashboard to scan specialists for various assignments. Our framework utilizes totally the approach to the work of the whole mechanized and straightforward dispersion of installments to every one of the laborers. It enables the clients to pooli-in various specialists on comparable sorts of assignments. In this way, the undertakings are executed speedier and all the more proficiently. Additionally, the time required to figure and handle installment exchanges diminishes. The installment is computed in a split second as indicated by the accompanying parameters:

– Number of services in task
– Payment allocated for each service
– Priority in search
– Fee

Clients can see all the data about accessible and claimed undertakings on the individual dashboard. Likewise, the client stays in full control of their budgetary tasks. For example, they can;

– Replenishment of internal account
– Withdrawal of funds
– Receipt of payments for assignments
– Payment for assigned tasks



Payments Policy
Our framework acknowledges BTC, ETH or Lancer Network’s tokens. The main distinction lies in the expense for every money. Clients can distribute undertakings just on the off chance that they have enough cash in the interior record. Cash is composed off promptly at the point when the activity is distributed. One can likewise advance an errand all in all scan for an extra expense. Clients can recharge their interior record’s adjust for additionally errands conveyance. He / she can do it by including the required sum of the Lancer System’s wallet. We are doing this to make exchanges with little measure of cash quicker and less demanding with no exchange expenses. One can pull back his / her cash just if it’s greater than the base limit required for cash withdrawal. This condition is on the grounds of the decrease exchange rates for bring down sums.


$ 0.01 Token price
250 000 000 Tokens will be issued
Start Pre-ICO after 2 month
Softcap $ 200 000
Hardcap $ 1 500 000
Start ICO after 4 month
Softcap $ 800 000
Hardcap $ 8 000 000


Idea 2Q 2017
Market analysis 2Q 2017
3Q 2017 Concept and idea
Begin of development 4Q 2017
1Q 2018 Starting alpha
Launching ICO presale 2Q 2018
2Q 2018 Entering on exchange
Starting beta 2Q 2018
3Q 2018 Launching of ICO
Improvements on working product 3Q 2018
4Q 2018 APP Roboto
developing 1Q 2019

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