SpaceKim Is A Revolutionary North Korean Space Program Conceived And Created

SpaceKim is a progressive North Korean space program created and created by Sun of the Socialist Future by Kim Jong-yun (and some other less important figures)


The main purpose of this project is to sponsor Kim Jong-yun’s shipment to the moon, so he will undertake a lunar mission and get rid of the embarrassing American flag and bring the holy revolution closer. And also set up another civilization (in the presence of Kim Jong Un who did not doubt it) upon the arrival of the DPRK.

If you want to see your name, photo or logo on’s site among members of the SpaceKim team, then all you have to do is donate it to the SpaceKIM Foundation.

Though we have the minds of the greatest scientists and engineers and the abundant workforce of our loyal and diligent Koreans we still need substantial financial support to build and launch Pulgasari-1 and keep the SpaceKIM Project afloat.
We expect our project to attract all the annihilation of capitalism.

– Based on Hybrid Intelligence – an artificial intelligence symbiosis based on Juche (Juche AI) with real and real acumen from Kim Jong-yun.

– Completely democratic voting in apps to make important decisions in this program.

– Decentralized system for month land distribution and issuance of intellectual property certificates for moon land.

– Also, the gift company, created by Kim Jong-un, as a stimulus and motivation for further development of interstellar socialism, is ongoing.

– The SpaceKIM team has developed numerous gifts for loyal supporters.
As many as 37,900 K1 M token LLC, 10% will be used for remuneration (5% for Bounty 1 and 5% for Bounty 2), in the amount of 3,790 Kim Token LLC will be used for Bounty.
All payments to SpaceIIM will be made after ICO SpaceKIM expires.

SpaceKim is a revolutionary North Korean space program conceived and created by the Sun of the Socialist Future Kim Jong-Un himself. This ICO is a historical chance for numerous Juche adherents all around the world to hasten the pace of the Holy Revolution by funding our groundbreaking lunar mission. The ICO is based on ERC-20 standard token. Needless to say, North Koreans always pay their debts. That is why we are going to issue 37.9 million KIM tokens, each of which is stands for ownership of 1km2 of moon land, and distribute that land via SpaceKim app we will release in the future.


Pulgasari-1 is a jewel in the crown of North Korean space engineering that is destined to become the first human-carrying spaceship in our nation’s history. Pulgasari-1 is a fully reusable thermonuclear powered heavy-lift launch vehicle designed and constructed specially for ultrafast and supercomfortable round trip lunar missions that makes it like Uber for space trips. Most importantly, Pulasari-1’s spearhead is as sharp as Kim Jong-Un’s mind so it dissects the thickness of space, thus decentralizing it.

– Based on Hybrid Intelligence – symbiosis of Juche-based artificial intelligence (Juche AI) with absolutely natural and palpable intelligence of Kim Jong-Un
– Completely democratic In-App voting for programme’s key decisions
– Decentralized moon land distribution system and issuance of smart-certificates of moon land ownership






TOKEN  ISSUED : 37,999,999

Token contract and transactions: Etherscan





Note : In order to celebrate SpaceKIM’s listing on Token.Store (, Shining Star of Juche Kim Jong-Un has decreed to bestow 2,400,000 of KIM tokens and, consequently 2,400,000 km2 of moon land upon the most devoted SpaceKIM supporters.

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