Quifas Exchange A Secure, Ultra-fast, Highly Scalable Innovative Cryptocurrency Exchange

Quifas Exchange A Secure, Ultra-fast, Highly Scalable Innovative Cryptocurrency Exchange | The high volatility of the cryptomarket allows investors and traders to draw enormous profits. This attracts a stable flow of new “players”. As a result, the number of users on cryptocurrency exchanges is always increasing. Besides that, new cryptoassets are emerging on a regular basis. Since the introduction of the blockchain, their growth has become exponential. As a result of increase in trading demand, many cryptocurrency exchanges are not capable of handling the increasing volume, especially during peak times. Others are losing their competitive edge in light of changing market conditions.

The key issues that exchanges experience are:

  • ·         Flexibility inconveniences.
  • ·         Poor security from software engineers.
  • ·        Meanwhile, cryptoinvestors and representatives persevere. The key issues that they go up against are:
  • ·         Issues with selecting on exchanges.
  • ·         Low quality and organization speeds.
  • ·         Obliged liquidity.

Unwinding these issues is the basic task of the new Quifas advanced cash exchange. We are developing a quality plan that thinks about 2.5 million exchanges for consistently. There are no enlistment obstacles on the Quifas exchange. All customer request will be handled as snappy as could sensibly be normal and in a vernacular pleasant to clients.also, Quifas manages to the security of its customers and is taking most of the key measures remembering the ultimate objective to guarantee their benefits. Our specialists will screen the structure, root out, and neutralize hacks on our exchange. For extended convenience, we are making compact applications for iOS and Android devices. They will empower computerized cash traders to get benefits paying little regard to their present region.

Market Outline

Market capitalization

The cryptomarket is creating at a quick pace. Its capitalization amid 2017 developed by more than 30 times, and towards the finish of January 2018, it was over $500B. The diagram beneath (Fig. 1) outlines the development in cryptocurrencies showcase capitalization for as long as five years.
Other than this, new cryptocurrencies, or tokens, are showing up on a close consistent schedule. There’s now more than 1500 of them. Also, their amount will keep on growing later on, since an expanding measure of undertakings are utilizing ICO’s as a method for obtaining financing. The cryptomarket capitalization will increment nearby ICO prominence. The market capitalization of numerous cryptoassets is as of now in the billions. In the meantime, a thousand overlap return for capital invested following an ICO or the making of another cryptographic money is a significant basic event.

Exchange volume
The measure of merchants and trading tasks relating to the deal and buy of cryptoassets is developing every day. Pinnacle exchange volumes are generally accomplished amid either an unconstrained increment or diminishing of cryptoasset costs. In conditions such as these, the heap that digital money trades encounter is essentially expanded as well. It’s significant that normal every day exchange volumes have just outperformed the $20B check. Alongside a development in ICO fame, the market capitalization will increment too. The market capitalization of numerous cryptoassets is now in the billions.

Quifas Arrangement
Quifas is a creative digital currency trade, which will wipe out current market issues. Clients will approach an exceptionally natural interface on the platform, and the trade’s staff will give effective help benefits with respect to all inquiries. Support will be given in a dialect helpful to clients.

The joining of the most up to date mechanical arrangements will enable Quifas to execute up to 2.5 million exchanges for each second. This will guarantee that the framework will work at full limit notwithstanding amid crest stack times. Beside this, Quifas watches over the security of its clients and is taking the greater part of the important measures to shield their assets from programmers and tricksters.

The greater part of this joined with new, exceptional arrangements will enable Quifas to end up extraordinary compared to other trades available.

Quifas Objective
The objective of Quifas is to make an imaginative crypto trade with the most easy to use work calculation, which ensures high security and takes into consideration a huge number of exchanges every second.

Quifas Usefulness
The Quifas Trade is worked to address the greater part of the issues said above, which most digital currency trades confront today. The principle reason for the platform will be to improve and encourage client encounters.

The Quifas Trade will give the accompanying arrangements:
Remarkable Client Administration – The principle focal point of Quifas will be on client encounter. We will intend to determine each issue inside 24 hours or less. We will give multilingual help and a group spread over the globe, prepared to handle any issues that clients may understanding.

Liquidity – Quifas will give incredible liquidity to dealers, in this manner limiting slippages in exchange value executions. This will be conceivable because of organizations with industry pioneers.

Security Enhancements – The Quifas Trade is custom manufactured, and will be facilitated inside a secured cloud condition and checked all day and all night by cybersecurity specialists.

Prompt Record Redesign – As of now, most clients need to sit tight days or weeks for their records to pass confirmations and a record update. Quifas Trade will expect to finish confirmation of records inside 24 hours or less.

Boundless Withdrawals – Numerous clients confront every day withdrawal limits. Once a record is confirmed, the client will appreciate boundless withdrawals.

Adaptable Foundation – The platforms innovation is intended to be versatile in order to oblige an immense increment in new client enlistments without shutting down enrollments, while as yet giving marvelous client bolster.

Ultra Quick Coordinating Motor – Quifas is based on a standout amongst the most developed innovation and is equipped for taking care of 2.5 Million exchange for each second. The request coordinating motor can execute exchanges short of what one millisecond. It is profoundly adaptable and ready to help a huge number of clients at the same time.

Cross Platform Support – Late patterns demonstrate that more clients utilize portable digital currency trade applications notwithstanding web platforms. Other than its very propelled web platform, the Quifas Trade likewise bolsters completely useful Android and iOS applications. Clients can exchange specifically from their telephones easily.

Token Deal
The Quifas Tokens (QFS) – The tokens issued by Quifas Exchange will have a most extreme supply of 200 million. The Quifas token is an ERC 20 token issued on the Ethereum Blockchain and will be bolstered by all Ethereum wallets.

Token Advantages

1. Zero Exchanging Charge
Zero Exchanging Charge for all Buys with QFS Tokens Forever Token holders will have the capacity to utilize Quifas token (QFS) to purchase other crypto resource, for example, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Swell, and so forth on the Quifas exchange with ZERO Exchanging Charges Forever. For instance: Buy of 1 ETH utilizing QFS tokens will cause ZERO Exchanging Charges. Buy of 1 BTC utilizing QFS tokens will bring about ZERO Exchanging Expenses.

2. Exchanging Rebates for Non-QFS Token Exchanges
Token holders will have the capacity to pay exchanging expenses for non-QFS token buys at an incredible rebate if charges are paid utilizing QFS Tokens.
An underlying proposed markdown structure is as per the following:
*Year 1 – 60% Year 2 – 30% Year 3 – 15% Year 4 – 7.5%
*Discount structure can be balanced in view of winning economic situations.
For instance: Buy of BTC with ETH on the stage.
This ought to regularly draw in a 0.1% Expense yet in the event that the dealer chose to pay the charges utilizing QFS tokens they will get a 60% markdown off the 0.1% Charge in Year 1. In this manner paying 40% of the 0.1% Charge and sparing 60%.
For instance: Buy of 1,000 BTC with ETH will be as per the following:
Ordinary Expense (Non QFS Tokens Pmt): 0.1% * 1000BTC= 1BTC
Marked down Expense (With QFS Token Pmt): (100-60) * 0.1% * 1000 BTC= 0.4BTC

Token Issuance and Distribution

  • 50% Token Sale Participants
  • 20% Founders and Team
  • 15% Reserve Funds
  • 10% Angel Investors
  • 5% Bounty and Advisors
  • Price of QFS token $0.40 (1 QFS = $0.40)
  • Max Supply of tokens 200,000,000 (two hundred million)
  • Payment Method Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH)
  • Minimum Contribution 0.1 ETH
  • Token distribution Date No later than 30th May 23:59:59 (UTC-4)

Road Map

  • Oct 2017 : Team Assembled for Project Commencement
  • Feb 2018 : White Paper Released
  • March 2018 : Launch of ICO
  • June 2018 : Launch of Quifas Cryptocurrency Exchange with Global Marketing
  • Sept 2018 : Launch of Mobile Platforms
  • Dec 2018 : Listing of 100 Cryptocurrencies on Exchange
  • Jan 2019 : Multilingual support Expansion in French, German, Korean, Chinese, etc
  • Dec 2019 : Become a Top 10 Cryptocurrency Exchange in the World

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