Sapien Is a Decentralized Social News Platform

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Sapien Is a Decentralized Social News Platform – Today many social networks are increasingly adding to our relationship with the wider community. It starts with Facebook or other popular sites, where every day we encounter various types of news or information published by users on this site, but not all information on the site provides good and true information, sometimes users get fake information that should not be necessary. publish. These sites only sell user data, and do not provide value according to the results they make, and these sites do not have systems that identify fake news or information, so that many users do not get quality information.


We recognize this as a serious problem, and start designing platforms that will provide you with quality news or information and will provide you with incentives for quality content that you generate on our platforms. We will design this platform in accordance with our vision, by presenting quality content to its users, by creating a quality and inadequate content identification system so that you really get quality information and deserve to be enjoyed.

Our platform will provide incentives to creators who have generated high quality content by providing incentives in the form of an SPN Token. We will send incentives to them in the form of an SPN token through the wallet we provide. Users can manage and organize their tokens in cowhide digital wallets, which can be used to store the standard Ethereum ERC20 tokens.

We also design that users can use their tokens to shop for various goods, physical and virtual content, and a range of fully customized services using this reputation system in this market. We will allow other users to send representatives to other creators, whether they are high-quality and reliable creators or simply provide useless information. Everything will be judged by other users. We will design this platform to run in the form of a democratic system that gives users the ability to define their own voice and choice for content or other users, with a proportionate and highly innovative system.

Users can choose their own interests and interests in content published on this platform. That way, the news or information you get matches your interests, and keeps you away from irrelevant news. We open opportunities for advertisers, but we do not provide targeted ads for violating user privacy.

We designed this platform to run using blockchain technology as our platform development platform. Because since it first appeared, blockchain comes with a fast and secure online transaction offer and supports all types of data and cryptocurrency. In its development, blockchain evolved and pushed the revolution in the technology sector. Blockchain technology uses a system, where every transaction is recorded and can not be changed forever, so transaction security and transparency can be maintained and reduce the possibility of data fraud.


Token Sale



  • Dates: January 31 — February 15
  • Token Exchange Base Rate: Phase #1 rate +20% (final exchange rate will be fixed closer to presale)
  • Currencies Accepted: ETH
  • Tiered Contribution Structure:
  • >$250k: +25%
  • >$100k: +15%
  • >$50k: +7%
  • >$10k: +3%
  • <$10k: no bonuses
  • Token Distribution: Smart Contract will distribute tokens after Token Sale Phase #1 is complete
  • Minimum Presale Goal: No minimum

Token Sale Phase #1

  • Dates: March 3 — April 3
  • Total Hard Cap (in USD): $30,000,000
  • Currencies Accepted:
  • ETH: Natively supported.
  • BTC: Not natively supported. User will be asked for an Ethereum address. A BTC address will be generated and bound to the Ethereum address specified. Once BTC is received, tokens will be sent to the Ethereum address specified.
  • Alternative cryptocurrencies: Supported via
  • Token Exchange Base Rate: Final exchange rate will be fixed closer to presale
  • Bonus Structure:
  • Day 1: +15%
  • Week 1: +10%
  • Week 2: +3%
  • Week 3+: no bonuses
  • Issuance Rate: All new tokens will be distributed to value creators within Sapien
  • Minimum Phase #1 Goal: 50,000,000 SPN

Minimum Goal

Our minimum goal has been set strategically to ensure the Sapien core team can quickly, securely, and completely deliver on our promises for the SPN token and the Sapien platform. If our goal is not met, all investors will be refunded through our smart contract, minus any funds that were liquidated for marketing expenses.

Allocation of Funds (2018-2022)


  • nistrative: To ensure day-to-day operations run smoothly as the project grows.
  • R&D: Development for SPN, including core team and community developers. Funds will be liquidated as our company milestones are met.
  • Marketing: We will encourage organic community growth and launch an incentivized referral program. Thus, we have a much smaller marketing budget than other similarly situated companies. Traditional media channels and Sapien will be used to reach our user base.
  • Legal: Compliance with the SEC and other regulatory entities will be a top priority for our token. Our budget is allocated to cover existing and any new regulatory laws applicable to SPN.
  • Security Audits: A separate budget has been allocated for continually auditing any new smart contracts our team develops, both for the SPN token and the Sapien platform.

Build a Robust Marketplace and Incentivize User Contributions

  • Creators and Curators will receive payouts for content that have created quantifiable value
  • Users will be able to tip one another for posts and comments
  • Foster an altruistic environment that will support quality content and liberate creators from dependence on ad revenue
  • Launch a marketplace to enable SPN holders to purchase exclusive physical and virtual goods

Distribution of Tokens


  • SPN created during our token sale will be reserved for contributors who send ETH to the smart contract address.
  • 20% of SPN will be locked in a smart contract for the founders and team, subject to a 6-month cliff and 24 month vesting period.
  • 30% will go to our platform reserve which will be distributed in our Token Sale Phase #2 to augment platform growth, distributed via Sapien, or burned to control inflation.
  • Up to 5% will be reserved for our bounty program, contingent on the total number of participants in the campaign.

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