GifCoin and VitalBet Investment Fund For Gambling

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GifCoin and VitalBet Investment Fund For Gambling | GIFcoin is a gambling investment fund that begins to load tokens at ICO by the end of February 2018. Officially there since 2015, while project history began in 2011, when the first development took place. Today the fund’s work is based on VitalBet’s work site, which results in LIVE betting and casino offices. At the end of ICO, at least 80% of site profits will be given to the token owner.


The GIFCOIN project acts as a fundraiser for the purpose of substantially updating the VitalBet gaming platform with its further promotion and popularization as a global brand in the most promising online gaming markets.
The subject of investment is GIF’s own crypto currency, the purchase of which the project will earn a positive impact on all plans, the project team will surely distribute all 80% of VitalBet’s net profit among tokens owners.

The “GIF” in the word GIFcoin stands for “Gambling Investment Fund”. GIFcoin is a profit-share token based on the blockchain technology, which is backed by a working betting website, with over 20.000 active users, called vitalbet ( Vitalbet is one of the few online betting websites, which have introduced cryptocurrency payment (deposit and withdrawal in form of Bitcoin) as well as betting with cryptocurrency on their website. Since the beginning of 2017 this is working really good for vitalbet with a continiously growing user base enjoying sports betting, casino, live casino, in-play betting, eSports and virtual sports. This covers almost all the the important sections a successful betting website needs to have. With GIFcoin all token holders can benefit from the growth of the betting website, since 80% of the annual profit will be shared accordingly to the number of tokens holding. With a 900.000 active user base (which is predicted to be reached by end of the year if all the timeline goals will be achieved), a total profit of 324 million USD is predicted. This will equal in theory a profit of 0.39$ per token, based on the 300.000.000 token supply. With an increasing userbase in the upcoming years, profit thus will grow accordingly.

History GIFcoin
In early 2011, four programmers made their own projects related to affiliate marketing. The next stage is cooperation with Amazon partner programs for saleing pharmaceuticals and software.

Wishing to grow and develop, team decided to close all current projects and plunge into the bookmaker business and gambling, seeing in these markets a real growth perspective. In their homeland, in Bulgaria, they decided to make casino and bookmakers catalogs.

The business began to grow rapidly and six months after the start, the project participants entered into the UK market. So, step by step, the catalogs gradually grew in number, as well as the list of countries.

In 2015, using the services of the company to create full-featured platforms for gaming sites, the team created its own resources – The first months of the project did not justify their expectations, but with the help of high-quality marketing, the business soon moved from its place and in less than half a year the site had already been about five thousand active users.

Since 2017, the site has been introduced bitcoin, which is used for the purpose of payment and deposit, but also use this crypto currency as a subject of rates. The introduction of bitcoin on the site is served as a reason for the team’s further reflection.

Studied cryptocurrency market and blockchain technology, was decided to create its own token and organize its initial offer, bookmaking web resources in the world, which in the future will be able to provide more than $ 800 million profit.

Arguments why GIFcoin will succeed:
GIFcoin not only has a great project idea, but also, unlike many other ICOs, have an already working product/project with the betting website vitalbet
– With their crowdfunding campaign (ICO), GIFcoin is raising money to grow their business, so everyone can participate together in the success of the project
– Great marketing and advertising will bring in more users, increasing the overall profit of the project
– With the gambling market growing every day, it is a perfect time to join the fast growing market
– GIFcoin/Vitalbet will not keep all their profits for themselves, but rather distribute 80% of their annual profits to all token holders, which maintains a sustainable growth of the token value
– Besides Bitcoin, also Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash and more will be added as a payment method on Vitalbet, expanding the user experience and attracting even more customers
– Cryptocurrencies offer fast transaction times and secure transactions over the blockchain

GIFcoin’s goals and views


The main purpose of this project is to ensure the development and profitability of sites operating in the gambling business. Mostly, this is VitalBet – betting with an integrated virtual casino, betting on events and eSports. The developers do not hide that it now does not occupy the leading position. However, since its launch in 2015, the site has successfully increased the number of regular users to 20,000.

VitalBet is a large bookmaker online service that covers all online betting sports like football, basketball, hockey, and others and casinos, more than 180 casino games and LIVE casinos, slot machines, roulette, blackjack, e-sports and virtual sports.

The main advantage is the ability to make payments in bitcoins. This feature significantly distinguishes VitalBet from among other bookmaking sites, since only a few of them offer this function.

VitalBet also offers all payment methods in a fiat currency (Visa / MasterCard, Skrill, Playsafecard, etc.). At the moment, it is planned to expand the list of available cryptocurrencies to ETH, LTC, XRP, DASH in order to expand the base of client-players, all transaction using blockchain.

Furthermore, implementation of marketing strategy and implementation of advertising campaign will enable:
– Increase the number of users.
– Expand technology, integrate new games.
– Get licenses in most countries of the world.
– Increase profits from sites and investor earnings.

Project work
Unlike most competitors, GIFcoin does not offer any ideas, but the project is ready. VitalBet is there for almost 3 years – too long for the office one day. The number of site users continues to increase, new licenses are obtained, software products for casinos are introduced. The resources live and thrive – any potential investor can get data to the analyst.

Site promotion strategy works – in less than 3 years the owner managed to increase the permanent audience to 20,000 people. Ad campaigns are not distracted and gain momentum. This will ensure rapid growth, which investors will be able to experience in the first years of possession of the token. At the same time, 80% of VitalBet’s profits will be directed to them. Going forward, this is hundreds of millions of dollars, subject to the release of the site at least in TOP-20.

GIF tokens and ICO


In order to grow rapidly growing and outpace competitors, VitalBet needs capital for new design and functionality, launching a mobile app, expanding the market, as well as for conducting various kinds of advertising events. The collection of capital through two major technologies and loans, a loan or stock is very expensive and time-consuming, and it’s rather risky. Moreover have a number of complexities and shortcomings. The first drawback is that the debt must be repaid with percents. Percents rate can be very high. As a result, the amount of overpayment will be very high. Secondly, if monthly payment not paid in time, the bank applies sanctions and charges fines. Finally, each organization may have unforeseen circumstances and a situation may arise that it will not be possible to make a monthly payment. Unfortunately, the bank is not an organization that takes into account such circumstances. Using the initial coin offer (ICO) as an alternative financing instrument, the company intends to raise funds faster and less risky.

Information about the GIFcoin token:
– The total supply will be 300.000.000 GIFcoin Tokens
– 1 ETH grants 10.000 GIFcoin Tokens
– For payment methods, only ethereum will be accepted
– Pre-sale will start on the 22.02.2018
– Sale will start on the 16.03.2018
– The minimum contribution amount is 0.01 ETH and there is no maxiumum purchase limit

Inside the ICO, 300 million GIFcoin tokens will be produced. In presale, 20 million and 3 million will be realized as 15% bonus. Furthermore, 240 million tokens will be realized before ICO is completed.

Another 27 million tokens will remain with the founders of this site, and 10 million will be transferred to gifts, PR specialists and partners. Tokens that are not sold under ICO will be destroyed.
The only purchasing currency for GIFcoin is Ethereal. The minimum investment amount is 0.01 ETH, the maximum threshold is not specified.
As a result of Hard Cap achievement, it is planned to receive an investment of 24,000 ETH (estimated equivalent – 24 million dollars).

Of these:


– 1 million will be spent on updating platforms and developing mobile apps;
– 4 million – to implement marketing strategy;
– 12 million – for aggressive advertising campaigns;
– 5 million will go to the operating bank;
– 2 million will be allocated to get the license.

After purchase, the token will be released and immediately sent to the ETH investor wallet. The value announced at presale: 1 ETH = 10,000 tokens.

After reaching Hard Cup (24,000 ETH ~ $ 24,000,000)
– 50% on advertising;
– 16.7% on marketing;
– 20% on bank operating;
– 4.2% for platform upgrading;
– 8.3% to resolve legal issues in different countries.

The capital received from sales will be directed solely to the implementation of the plans already set in RoadMap. As a reward for investors, VitalBet will share with them 80% of its annual profit.

What I really like about this project is their clear roadmap, which is divided into 4 stages. With stage 1 almost completed, there are alot of things to be done in the near future to finally realize a big profit share distribution at the end of the year to all token holders. Besides expanding the team, the team is really putting a lot of effort into further developent, to accomplish a better user experience, as well as expanding the user base until the end of the year to 1 million users.

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