Frasindo Rent Make It Easy for You to Plan Anywhere

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FRAS COIN is a Blockchain & Start-Up Incubator offering entrepreneurs (own regular income), passive coin income + CAR COIN * as dividends. Routine income comes from the Online Taxi + Car Rental + Driver Recruitment business as the Official Partner of Uber, Grab and Gocar in Indonesia.Supported by real companies, real assets (cars) and “asset certificates” have been illegally permitted by the NXT Foundation in the Netherlands, which is also endorsed by the Indonesian government, and much more; This is the only material available that offers multi-protection & multi-benefit & multi-surveillance (LIVE 24hour) to the public.


As an independent Incubator for Startup + Blockchains in Asia, FRAS COIN can last forever and will not spend our supporters’ funds. Random people can generate ideas that people have chosen, and Frasindo’s growing team of developers will enable them; Appointment as project manager / award, provision of all business requirements, regular on-demand financing, legality, joint office alone and subsequent takeover as subsidiary / child project of FRAS COIN. (No need RISK, EXPERT and HASSLES for Idea contributors.)

Complete adherence to government regulations and current progress is only the first step toward a BIG business expansion, as seen in the roadmap, it’s also the only way how to grow an IT business without burning the funds entrusted by the community. ; People can enjoy the benefits without having to take part in pumps and landfills.

FRAS COIN is a mother project, so all other Frasindo Children’s projects will pay 10% of their child’s coins + dividends to all holders of FRAS forever and for free. FRAS COIN is also released on multiple blockchain platforms, currently available on ARDOR IGNIS and STELLAR.

ICO stands for Initial Coin Giving. This indicates that someone is giving buyers some new crypto or cryptographic models in trading versus crypto diarrhea such as


Bitcoin or Ethereal. Because ICO 2013 is usually used to fund new growth
The established Cryptococcus Tokens can be bought and traded with easy cryptocurrency exchange if there is a desire for them. With the success of Ethereum ICO is much more and more widely used to fund crypto business growth with the release of tokens which in some ways integrated into the business. With this change, ICO has become a tool that can revolutionize not just forex but completing the ICO Token fiscal program could be the effect and stock of tomorrow. Early Coin Giving Phenomena has begun to play a major role in the planet’s crypto startup. Recently, more and more industry experts are looking for

a decentralized group funding approach with great interest. However, the absence of legal advice in the operation of ICO has resulted in more than a few ripoffs. This is not normal for an entirely new but unspecified field, but potential buyers find it complicated to know the possibility of possibly taking up the scheme and operating the dollar. FRASCOIN stands for “Frasindo Rent“, which is Blockchain & Mandiri Startup Incubator. This large company has become a full-time car rental company, dealer for Online Taxi. Frasindo is authorized by the government as an official partner of UBER, GRAB, and GOCAR in Indonesia. In addition to the Online Taxi, we also renng out the car to the company

PT. Frasindo Lima Mandiri (FRASINDO RENT) wants to enliven the blockchain community as investor of Mining Coins and Mining Indonesia since 2014. Currently also a partner of NXT Foundation, supported by NXT Supply of the year (ARDOR), ARDR, IGNIS coin, also STELLAR LUMENS XLM / STR). Frasindo plans to debut its first ICO and is assisted by the NXT Foundation as an advisor and escrow.
The NXT Foundation supports all of its projects, but they are also very strict not to support any project including us, because they have no control over the project and the conditions of partner companies.

CEO, COO, and CMO of PT. Frasindo Lima Mandiri will always be open for every video call, because both handle daily operations, meet and greet is possible; But because BOD works on Singapore Airlines, he is banned from attending, he is also responsible for the security of Flight and Passenger Companies, he may not be able to communicate via video calls, but there are some who meet and greet directly.



Real 24-hour live activities that can be observed through GPS & Camera, helping us secure the company
Supported by real assets and asset certificates managed by the NXT Foundation
Established companies, not much research is needed, less and less
PROVIDING routine passive income, never worry about slump


Ratified and ratified by the Government, included in the Master Plan 2020
Everything about Frasindo, anytime, anywhere, is very easy from your phone


Free driver & car use, take your family on a business vacation
10% COIN Profit sharing across all corporate expansions + FREE COIN represents that
Guaranteed COIN dividend rose to 37.96% *, not involved in pump & dump
COIN Min guarantees a 8.88% income *, make sure your profits are in difficult times


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